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Promapper 05-11-2018 10:27 PM

unauthorized copy/posting Copyright, watermark
Copyright, watermark and unauthorized copy/posting.

I was sent a message from a gentleman that is the admin for a group on facebook informing me that he thought my images were so good that he copied them into his facebook group and that he informed everyone viewing them that I was the owner and author of the images.

Now non of these images had visible copyright notices but it is buried in the exif

On the one hand I am flattered but I also feel terribly violated. I guess the reason he didn't have any images is that I want the option of where to post my work.

I have noticed that some folks place a copyright on their photos that they post and some do not. I asssume that the reasoning behind displaying or not is about a broad as the images themselves. Is there a sticky on the camel dealing with this propfessional procedure?

The same to be said for watermarks, A visual watermark destroys the quality of teh images IMHO. Looking for a sticky for this as well.

COMMENTS and similar experiences PLEASE

Jim Jones 05-12-2018 08:06 AM

Re: unauthorized copy/posting Copyright, watermark
I avoid the distractions of watermarks and copyright notices on anything posted online or elsewhere. The rare times when I post photographs online, it is to provide useful information for viewers. This is more important than any use or misuse of the images by others. Strict enforcement of copyright laws in today's electronic venues is impractical, although it might provide job security for lawyers.

gryphonslair99 05-12-2018 08:56 PM

Re: unauthorized copy/posting Copyright, watermark
If you post it online, someone can steal it. If you watermark it, the watermark can be removed.

By hosting my own storage site I limit the access to my photos to only those that have a reason to see them. If I have granted them access then I have no issues with them making a copy of the photo.

Otherwise you see a hard copy of my work.

heaterguy 05-13-2018 12:27 PM

Re: unauthorized copy/posting Copyright, watermark
I might be wrong but just putting a sign doesn't necessarily protect you unless you have registered the copyright and photo. Too bad these sites don't allow us to put up photos done in PDF style. For me, when I post I use the least amount of resolution possible.

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