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Smile Re: What Would It Take?

Originally Posted by cman78 View Post
Sorry I didn't give any feedback about your photo. I went back and re-read your post and realized the last photo belongs to you. Nice photo, good processing, and nice touch on the frame. Again these are my opinions not anything written in stone.

First let me say there is nothing "wrong" with your photo as it sits. It is very well done and very functional. Now when comparing it to another photographer's work, I would agree with you that it is lacking that je ne sais quoi that the other one's have. The reason I believe is that my eye is not "drawn" to anything in your photo, the subject is just in the middle. When doing emotive photography, especially wedding photography, it is important to frame (or crop) the shot in a manner that draws people naturally to the emotion. Don't make their eyes work for it cause most of the time they won't find it. Here is one way you get it. All of the other photogs photos are obeying the rule of thirds (aka the golden mean). The last one fuzzes on the outer edge but it adds to the photo not detracts. As Benji would say know the rules and if you are going to break them make sure it adds to the photo.

Rule of Thirds
News Photos and Layout: Photography, the Golden Mean, and Geeky Coolness

Processing advice to get close to the other ones. First I think if you move your subject left or right to get her on a mark you will improve it greatly. Second you could saturate the grass more.
Hi Cman78,

You are right about the rule of third. I totally missed that in my picture. Next time perhaps

Again I really appreciate your comments.
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Default Re: What Would It Take?

The processing looks like they were done with the Totally Rad action set 'green with envy' and 'big blue' with perhaps a blending of their 'technicolor dream world' but you could achieve the look without the action set using gradients and filters.

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