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Default Re: Gaezbo

For me, I just think the image is backwards. Selective color should be used to call your attention to one small element in the picture: the boquet, the rings, etc. Here, that key element is the everything but the couple?
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Default Re: Gaezbo

In general, that's the rule, but rules are meant to be broken and when you have a b&w element in a color photo, the eye is still drawn to that spot. The rule reversed just didn't work for this particular photo.
c&c are always appreciated!
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Default Re: Gaezbo

I will say, I am with the rest of the ranks this is a bad choice for selective color. There are some other things I am not particularly fond of also. One the photo is flat, there is no separation of the subjects in the photo, it really looks like a set with painted trees in the background. Two the front of the gazebo is very well lit, the couple however not so much. IMHO the lighting is all wrong on this shot.

Here's a good tip that took me a while to learn, when you approach a shot like this, first determine what your message is. Is it "hey look at this cool gazebo" or "look at this wonderful married couple" or "man that is a huge tree behind that gazebo". All of these are fine messages but your photo should send that message. If it is the gazebo is cool, remove the couple. If it is the couple then light them not the front of the gazebo. Consider the light and darkness around you and determine how you want the final print to look. Make that print happen from the ground up. As I already stated it took me a while to learn how to do this and I am still learning, and failing at it most of the time. I will tell you all of the shots I have taken that I truly love were planned from the beginning. I saw a shot in my mind and considered every aspect I understood and decided what tools to use to make it happen exactly as I saw it. I think it is the labor of love that makes the love worth it.

Good places to learn light and how to use it are:
1. Bryan Peterson's book

2. Strobist

3. Make Light Real - Inspiration for Photographic Lighting and Photoshop Instruction - I really like the approach to post processing that Neil Cowley takes, it makes you consider light and darkness. Which is what photographs rely on to exist.

You will find lots of good input from photographers on this site. Thanks for putting up the image and asking for critiques. It always gives us opportunity to learn from one another.

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