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Question Rules, Guidelines & FAQ - READ FIRST

For general photography questions, please post those in their respective boards.
This board is for tutorials only.

  1. For the sake of this board, a tutorial is an article outlining the steps or principles of how something is done, created, accomplished or understood. Some examples include 'How-to edit', 'DIY projects', 'Lighting or posing instructions', 'Explanations of photography theories or principles' and 'Tips and tricks' to name a few.

  2. This board is for member written tutorials or member created videos only. General questions or discussions should be posted in their respective areas of Photo Camel. Please do not post request for "someone to write a tutorial on ___".

  3. Links to off-site videos and blogs containing useful tutorials are nice but they should be posted in their respective boards to share with that board's membership. This Tutorial section is reserved for in-house tutorials.

  4. To preserve longevity of your tutorial, upload all images to the Photo Camel server. Do not link to off-site images. Links hosted outside of Photo Camel have the disadvantage of becoming a broken link very easily.

  5. Likewise, do not link to off-site tutorials or videos. Links are often updated, changed or eliminated making linked tutorials difficult to manage. Also, the author may not appreciate the link and it is difficult for us to track all permissions. Announcements to off-site tutorials are best posted in their respective topic boards, (i.e. a tutorial you found about sports shooting is best posted in the Sports/Action section of Photo Camel.)

  6. Plagiarism is a crime. Please do not plagiarize someone else's work.

To help you write a successful tutorial, check out the following article; "How to write a good tutorial"
  1. Consider writing your tutorial off-site* with your word processor in order to present a finished version here, rather than writing it as you go along.

  2. Edit yourself before posting. Grammar and spelling mistakes take away from the value of a good tutorial. Check it twice before posting.

  3. Photographers are visual people. Make sure you include as many photos or illustrations as needed in order to properly explain your tutorial.

  4. Break up your tutorial into logical sections, or steps. Long passages make reading that much more monotonous.
* Use a simple text editor such as NotePad or WordPad that allows for simple editing. Simple editors tend to natively save as .txt or .rtf document format. Full featured processors that save in .doc format tend to embed formating code that can cause problems with the Photo Camel server. Keep in mind that formatting is handled with (bracketed) BBCode tags and not HTML tags.

  1. If I need help with something, can I request someone to write a tutorial here?
    You can make a general request within a given board for help and ask that someone write a tutorial for you. Please don't make a request here as no one will likely see it. However, many answers given within a board can make for a good tutorial. A better alternative would be if you see a really great explanation in one of the boards, ask the author to consider posting that in the Tutorials section.

  2. I found a really great video that explains ____ on YouTube that I'd like to share. Can I post it here?
    YouTube is filled with really great videos by many really great photographers, too many to do them justice here. Since these videos belong to others posting them here without their permission is a big gray area. Unless you are the owner of the video, please refrain from sharing that video here.

  3. A famous photographer I admire posted an article on their blog explaining a technique much better than I can. Can't I just post a link to it here?
    Like videos, blog articles are the creative property of another person. While links are an acceptable method of sharing information the purpose of this section is for our members to share their knowledge and experience through first hand accounting. Linking a post is simply sharing a web resource and that is better done through the many other forum boards here at Photo Camel. Additionally, links tend to break due to age, moving of resources, or deletion thereby rendering the original post obsolete.

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Members don't see ads in threads. Register for your free account today and become a member of PhotoCamel to open up the site's many benefits and features.
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