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Mr. Pickles 11-26-2014 08:36 AM

Posting and Critiquing
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We have had some lengthy discussions about critiques and how to read them, interpret them, use them, and accept them. As you might imagine, sometimes it got heated with personal opinions. It is a tough topic. It can be "painful" to have to read some critiques about your own images, but it can help, especially if it is well presented and you have a willingness to learn through others eyes. If the critique or comment is "over the top", report them. Accept what was written, reply in a non-confrontational manner, if you feel the need, and let it go. People are trying to help, and it is helpful to give "constructive" critiques, and accept them.

So here are some guidelines that we will adhere to, and thank you for your understanding and participation....

If you do critique, do it without causing a stink. Do it with the best intentions without crossing a fine line. If there is a rebuttal to your critique, accept it. Comment accordingly, but don't go causing a gigantic issue or battle, or you won't be able to for awhile. Know when to back down and walk away. And don't have your buddies chime in for you when you bow out.

This is pretty clear without being specific. Everyone gets a say, but when their say becomes "name calling", "hate" (insert other adjective here), then it will be dealt with. No need to questions peoples avatars or member names or credentials. No need to continue discussing and fine tuning this.

If you prefer to not really get constructive critiques, you must follow this:

In your User Profile (upper-right corner), choose "Edit Profile"
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Once in your profile, look for the option for "Critique Preference"...
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There is the default option of Yes, which means you are fine with life on PhotoCamel has it has always been and will accept, or want, constructive critiques of your images. There is also an option for No, which means you don't want any help that could make you a better photographer.

So what happens when you set one? When you have either Yes or No set, there will be a new "line" added to your User Information on the left side of your posts. it will look similar to this (different values, but focus on the red rectangle).
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If that IS set to No, then users shouldn't give you constructive critique. BUT, some users will NOT notice this value and give a constructive critique anyway. You should not "raise a big issue" in the thread and kindly point them to this post so they know more of what we offer and why. We are an internet forum, dedicated mostly to photography, and with that comes a general knowledge that you will get comments, and sometimes they will be "negative". Happens all over the internet and we here can't fix it all. If you post your works or opinions on the internet, you better be prepared to get some discussions...or help.

If you don't want a critique "no matter what", probably shouldn't post anything on the internet.

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