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moonrakerz 01-17-2015 04:29 PM

Some of you may be interested in my experiences using a CISS on my Canon ink jet printer.

Bought my present printer in Sept 2013 to replace one which died (mecahnical failure !). I also had fitted CISS to the first printer - had used about half the ink when it died.
The main criterion for my new printer was that CISS was available for it. I used most of the ink in the Canon cartridges running off a pile of "comparison" prints. I then fitted the CISS and did a repeat batch of the same prints - I couldn't see any difference then and some 15 months later I still can't. Those left in bright sunlight for a few months faded equally.

I refilled the CISS bottles today. 4 X 100ml( C, M, Y & Blk) bottles of ink from the CISS supplier cost me 22.80 - less than the cost of one colour and one B & W Canon cartridge. Used about 80% of each bottle to top up.

I have never had the slightest problem with both the CISS which I have fitted, either with ink flow or the mechanics of it. I just do not worry about the cost of ink anymore - plain paper is cheap, so I actually print off a lot more stuff than I ever did before. This I think may be one of the main reasons for the absence of problems - the ink is constantly flowing through the printheads and never has chance to dry or thicken and clog the heads.
Can't remember the last time I ran a cleaning cycle !
My printer runs on the basic (cheaper) dye ink; more "professional" quality printers have a choice of different inks available.

Well, that's my experience with CISS - I will certainly carry on using it..................

moonrakerz 12-17-2016 03:55 PM

My Sept 2013 printer has gone to the big recycling centre in the sky, not a single problem appeared during its busy life. That printer cost me (exc ink/paper) a massive 2.7p per day ! It has been replaced with another CISS compatible Canon. It is noticeable that Canon have tried to make fitting of a CISS system more difficult but my manufacturer has come up with a simple to fit solution again.
I still cannot see any differences between my "cheap" ink and the ludicrously expensive Canon stuff. On the new printer I have stuck to the Canon mix of dye based inks for the colour printing and pigment ink for B & W printing. I could have gone for (more expensive) pigment ink across the board but have been more than happy with dye results over the years.

CISS rules !

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