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Default Re: What is an "entry level" dSLR?

Reviving an old thread to take a reading on what has and hasn't changed in the ten years or so since I started it.

One thing that has changed is the readier avialability of full-frame dSLRS and the megapixel count for even "entry-level" dSLRs and even point-and-shoots now meets or more likely exceeds 10 megapixels. Indeed, these days, the imager format is a bigger differentiator than megapixel count between entry level and more advanced models. Between "point-and-shoots" and full-blown dSLRs are now "bridge" cameras, with relatively small imagers, and a the newly-popular mirrorless cameras, none of which are properly called dSLRs at all. Nevertheless, the mirrorless "dSLRs" still have superior low-light performance and dynamic range and are quite capable of excellent image quality, at least by the standards of ten years ago. I see no reason to change my definitions in post #8. My discommendation of the dSLR style camera for the beginning photographer has softened a bit; nevertheless, I would still steer such a user away from committing to a full-blown dSLR system so early in the beginner's photographic career.

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