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Dewman 12-04-2016 12:30 PM

An unexpected score from a Craig's List ad!
I can't help but share my good fortune about a Craig's List buy! Forgive me if I gloat over this latest score.

While browsing Craig's List one night when sleep wouldn't come, I saw an ad from the San Francisco Bay area advertising a Pentax Kr with both the 18-55mm & the 50-200mm kit lenses, battery, charger.... basically all the stuff that came with the camera when bought brand new. It came in the original box, with all the paperwork, owners manual and software.

The rub was, the camera's images the camera produce showed a "smear" in the upper right quadrant. So, because of this "defect" in the camera, the owner was only asking $100.00 for the entire affair.

I contacted the seller and we made connections.

The camera arrived yesterday and all I can say is WOW! Virtually looks like the day if came off the assembly line! Even the factory box looked pristine! So, I put in a fresh battery and took a few test shots using the 18-55mm lens. After downloading the images, I could BARELY notice what looked like a piece of lint (??) on the image.

So, I ran the camera through the dust removal option a couple of cycles and shot a few more photos. Voila! "Smear" gone! :afro:

The camera is perfect in all respects! Lenses are pristine! And, amazingly, the camera had only 402 shutter actuations! :o

I realize that this 12.4 MP camera is old hat in today's fast-changing world of digital technology, but it produces some great images and will be a wonderful tool for my 13-year-old grandson to use in his venture into the world of photography!

And for a hundred bucks? Are you kiddin' me! I'm tickled pink!

What is it they say about the blind pig and acorns?

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