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Dewman 10-11-2016 02:29 AM

Last month, I found a Pentax KX on Craig's List from a seller in Dallas, Texas. It came in the original box, with all the paperwork, software, neck strap, SD card, and SMC DA 18-55mm kit lens. It has only 121 shutter clicks! Gorgeous camera! Pristine in every respect.... and I got it for a VERY CHEAP price!

I already have two K-50's and a K-30, so had no real need for the KX, but it's such a nice little camera with a remarkable sensor that is fantastic in low light, that I couldn't pass it up! It's now boxed up, like the day it came from the factory, and safely stored in my safe. I might take it out and use it occasionally, but I hate to put any more clicks on it! Silly, I know. It's like having a rifle that you never shoot!

I Love my Pentax cameras, especially the K-50/K-30's. I know of no other camera on the market that offers the features, quality and reliability for the money that Pentax does.

But, I realize there are Ford guys. There are Chevy guys.... and there are Chrysler Motors guys, too. But, just sayin'.... I've been shooting Pentax since 1966 and have never had any reason to change. You other Pentaxians know what I'm talkin' about.;-)

Golem 10-21-2016 06:47 PM

Re: My STUNNING Pentax KX!
No pix, no stun ;-)

Golem 10-21-2016 06:58 PM

Re: My STUNNING Pentax KX!
1 Attachment(s)
THIS is what I thought you meant .....

Attachment 254612

reference pic stolen from somewhere on the web ...

Stunning, yes ? I was unaware Pentax
had recycled the model name.


Dewman 10-21-2016 08:51 PM

Re: My STUNNING Pentax KX!
Yep, they recycled the name back in 2009. It was only in production for two years and was replaced with the Kr. For it's time, it offered some amazing features.... and is still a very viable DSLR and is still the main body for many Pentaxians.

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wolfd 10-21-2016 10:23 PM

Re: My STUNNING Pentax KX!
That's a great find Dewman - only 121 clicks. :afro:

Dewman 10-21-2016 11:04 PM

Re: My STUNNING Pentax KX!
The guy I bought it from said "It's way too complicated for me!" I was astonished when I received it and checked the shutter count! Virtually NIB!

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