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Mr. Pickles 09-21-2018 07:14 PM

Full Frame?
Panasonic is set to announce its partnership with Leica AND Sigma in designing and releasing TWO new FF models (low and higher end). Both with in-body stabilization (IBIS) and with 4K 60p video...

The announcement has been rumored, still is really, to take place on Sept 25th, the day before Photokina.

Stay tuned.....

Mr. Pickles 09-21-2018 07:19 PM

Re: Full Frame?
Oh, supposed to be using the Leica SL mount, which used to be called the T mount. So the new Panasonic would then have more lenses available on release than what Canon and Nikon have on their FF mirrorless lines... if you can afford them. Sigma probably comes in to play in making the lenses, I'd guess.

scoundrel1728 09-23-2018 08:42 PM

Re: Full Frame?
Unless you really need the smaller size/weight, Canon and Nikon both have tons of lenses from their dSLR lines that they can use, as do any pros that might like to try the new bodies.

Hanginon 07-13-2019 05:50 PM

Re: Full Frame?
It's possible we are entering the sub $1K street price FF mirrorless era -

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