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Default Re: Who likes Ron Paul here?

Originally Posted by Reeflections View Post
Well that's just what Obama is trying to do but the banks and the GOP are blocking him.

If there weren't so many regulations, and we had a government willing to protect people instead of corporations, then we wouldn't need someone as powerful as the president to start up that kind of bank.

Originally Posted by Reeflections View Post
You seem to give the president credit for the economy when it happens to to be Reagan but give credit to the outside world when it's Clinton.
No, just trying to show a more accurate comparison... Reagen had a recession to deal with, Clinton had a boom... their choices reflect the situation they were in.

Would Clinton have lowered taxes during a recession, we don't know... and we'll never know. I just don't feel that it's an accurate comparison.

BTW, Reagan also did some major tax increases. Economists argue about which had the best effect on the economy but partisans always give credit where they want. Also, while inheriting a recession too, Reagan's recession wasn't nearly as bad as the one Obama inherited so a quicker recovery was inevitable.
He raised taxes after he cut them, but only after we were in recovery and also didn't raise them back up to pre recession levels... at least not during or right after the "official end" of the recession...

You have to question it though when countries like Iceland are well on their way, if not already recovered. Sure it may be a different country, but I don't see how anyone can find rewarding someone for making a bad decision, as good. Then wonder why people keep making bad decisions.

The thing that always bugged me was that the companies were "too big to fail"... if they were too big to fail, then they wouldn't be failing...

On top of that, adding more conflicts, bailing out multiple companies, cash for clunkers, Solyndra... then you throw in things like Operation Fast and Furious, highest welfare rates ever and many other and you have to wonder what the intentions are...

Originally Posted by Reeflections View Post
There has been some. You can imagine that lawyers for bankers are very formidable. And with the GOP constantly weakening the new regs, this may all happen again if the GOP takes control. There is much more difference between these two parties than you think. I understand that they are very close on some things that you and I both disagree with them on, but one of them is gonna win and we should both hope it's Obama.
The key thing is to have a government that's willing to protect the people and a people that's willing to not depend on the government. It's very easy for me to say "No, I don't want to do business with you, I'm going to go to this little guy over here that'll treat me better"

We don't have that now.

I noticed that the article is dated 2010... anyone punished since then? I mean really punished, not just a minor fine or some house arrest. Also love that it's out of India, seems more and more that you have to go outside the U.S. to get U.S news...

As much as both of them flip-flop... I feel it's no better than going to the casino and picking what's behind door number 1... or 2. The only difference is you've seen behind door one, do you take that or gamble and pick 2?

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