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jhawk1000 01-24-2019 07:44 PM

Feeding Frenzy on m4/3 site
Well the Olympus OM D EMX was introduced today by Olympus and the feeding frenzy started immediately on another site. Overall, I was impressed by several reviews but on the m43 site one would think the sky was falling and Olympus is in bankruptcy. It happens for every new camera introduction. Even those who will never have the means to buy the new model know better than the camera manufacturer seem to have a dog in the hunt. I just remember all the teeth gnashing over every new Nikon model when I shot Nikon. Mind you, these people have never seen nor had their hands on new models but they know that another brand is now better. God save me from this conversation. I did say something and I am either a hero or a villain. I just want to wish Olympus a great future.

Mr. Pickles 01-25-2019 07:22 PM

Re: Feeding Frenzy on m4/3 site
You're right. Happens all the time.

The new E-M1X is big, with its built in, not removable grip, but that doesn't mean it can't be a m43 camera... It is built for a purpose and a LOT of people don't need a camera that big. Same with the big giant Canikons, they are big and most people don't need them so they don't buy them. Probably 25% of the sales of them are to people with a size complex.

Anyway, the new big body has some great features, some of which I'm interested in.Hand held hi-res at 50mp is interesting and could be quite useful since it doesn't need a tripod. The built-in ND filter like thing is interesting too.

The AI tracking, right now only for planes, trains and automobiles seems like a good feature, better at tracking those than the E-M1mkII is. And they can add new AI tracking subject categories thru firmware updates, so birds and people might be coming and probably harder to AI predict than the others.

Batteries can be charged in camera thru a USB-C power adapter or bank is good. It can't be getting power and be in use however, I believe. Not sure one needs ot upgrade for that. Dual card slots with both handling the fast variety is an improvement, but probably not a reason to upgrade. Same with video for me anyway.

Does it have minuses? Sure. They all bash a couple negatives and then they all pile on those. You do the same with their brand camera and they flip around. The Nikon z6 and z7 are great mirrorless options. They aren't fast in tracking or shooting. They have limited lenses, unless you want to throw in the adapter. The Canon mirrorless is great, its MP count sits in between the Nikon z's. It also doesn't have in body IS, which leaves it alone in FF mirrorless land. Sony has some great systems, the whole world seems to think the A7III is the greatest thing in the world. I get knives pulled on me for saying it can't be the best for the simple fact Sony has an A7RIII with a lot bigger MP sensor and the A9 which is a speed beast.

Point is, they all have pluses and minuses. If they handle the job you need, then that is all you need. Olympus (and Panasonic too) has the best and most complete line of anyone in the camera business if you are thinking in sensor size terms. Small bodies, medium ones, now a big one, lenses covering a ton of range and a lot of overlap and build varieties too. it is a great system it be in, if you can live with its limits, and most people can, but a lot of those who say they can't just don't want to because of a complex.

There, feeding frenzy fed.... :-)

pandora 05-20-2019 04:31 PM

Re: Feeding Frenzy on m4/3 site
Well said as always, Mr Pickles.

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