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Default Re: Thinking about going medium format..

Whay are you wnating to go MF? Is it the shortcomings of 35mm film - or 35mm digital - or is it that you want something more meaty.

Suggest you research formats carefully. 645 to 6x18 is possible.

Have been using Bronica S2 for about 15 years. Digital doesn't come near for quality, unless you're into heavy cash.

The square format takes some getting used to, but works well.

Scanning can be an issue - I was unhappy with the flatbeds (4870) and bought a 120tf MF film scanner. Their service is bad, but it's a good scanner. Needs a glass holder to keep the flim flat, though AND this introduces a lot of dust - the epson has ICE... Nowadays I'd get the Nikon 9000, despite the price.

If you're doing high contrast work, consider neg film, slidw flim for scanning is not quitre so clever, especially the punchy stuff like Velvia - you're better with a less contrasty film and then boost the colour/contrast in your image editor.

MF lenses vary a lot. Some are as sharp as the best 35mm, others not so. LF Lenses are generally less sharp.

īThe immediacy of digital is tempting for me, but film's still the best for feel... At the rate I shoot, the cost of going digital doesn't justify it.
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Default Re: Thinking about going medium format..

Originally Posted by photobubba View Post
If size and weight are important, a good 645 Mamiya/Pentax/Contax system may be a good fit. A good kit of 50/80/150 lenses will do just about anything.
The advice Photobubba gave in the statement above is very sound and is exactly what I would follow if I were starting from scratch. I used a similar configuration (55mm, 80mm, 180mm) and it did everything I needed (landscapes, portraits, close-ups, action, still-life, and architectural without perspective control). Such a system is a nice compromise between a smaller 35mm system and a larger 4x5 inch system.

However, if you already have a 35mm system and are adding a medium format system, you may want to consider a slightly larger 6x7, 6x8, or 6x9cm system. The improvement in image quality of 645 (4.5 x 6cm) over 35mm is significant. The improvement in image quality of 6x7, 6x8, and 6x9cm over 35mm is even greater.

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