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Default Re: Something new to learn

Ed G- Here's more!

Classic Enlargers Homepage
Parts, Sales and Service
for Classic Omega Enlargers
B-Series ● D2/D2V-Series ● D3-Series ● Lenses ● Darkroom Equipment ● Cameras ●

Ask Harry! Help Forum ● Products-Services ● Omega Manuals ● Enlarger Parts ● Books ●

Search Forum

Omega D-3V

Welcome to Classic Enlargers

"Harry Taylor knows more about vintage Omega's than anybody and he's a pleasure to do business with."
-Ian D.
The Omega D-2, D-3 and D-4 are a closely related family of well-designed, well-built enlargers used by photographers throughout the world. The D Series Enlargers are ruggedly built and accurately made. More important, they were built with adjustments that allows them to be realigned as they wear in use or "knocked out" of alignment in shipping.

Classic Enlargers buys and resells Omega enlargers in almost any condition, whole, wrecked or in pieces. We buy odd bits such as lens cones, negative carriers, baseboards, name it! We also buy Omega literature such as sales books, instruction manuals, service manuals, illustrated brochure and parts lists.

Classic Enlargers has become the recognized source for manuals and parts for the older Omega Enlargers. We even get referrals from Omega, itself!

Our Specialties Include:

Sale of Refurbished 4x5 D-Series Omega Enlargers
Darkroom Design
Fabrication of "Hard-to-Get" Omega Components
Sales of Used Darkroom Equipment
On Site Service Calls

There is no reason for a Classic Omega Enlarger to ever become obsolete as it can be adapted to do any task that currently available enlargers can to. We can supply and fit new or used colorheads, cold lights of several different makes and the rare "Point Light" to the Classic Omega Enlarger. We also adapt other makes of colorheads to the Omega enlarger, so if you have a colorhead, please contact us about fitting it to your Omega Enlarger.
Top Picks From I
The Basic Darkroom Book
Click here "For more than 20 years, The Basic Darkroom Book has been the standard reference for photographers who process and print their own color and black-and-white photos."
Dramatic Black and White Photography: Shooting and Darkroom Techniques
Click here "...his powerful black and white images make you stop and think. It's a good photography book. But, even if you're not into photography, the Southern flavor of his anecdotal references to each photo is worth reading."

Click here for more books

The Classic Enlargers Story I

Classic Enlargers is owned and operated by
Harry Taylor of Stamford, Connecticut.

Classic Enlargers was originally founded as a sideline to his regular job as a Technical Director for a large wood pulp manufacture. This firm is a major supplier of pulps to Kodak for manufacturing of their film and photographic paper stock. When Harry retired, he made Classic Enlargers his primary interest. In June of 1986, Harry was featured in an USA Today article entitled, "Developing a Home Darkroom".

His first love is the D-Series, which he calls the "Classic Omega Enlarger". In addition to refurbishing Omega enlargers, Harry carries parts, both factory and hand-fabricated in his shop. Harry does service work on Omega enlargers for schools, colleges and commercial printing houses. He makes "house calls" for sick enlargers. Also, he designs darkrooms to fit your space and to meet your special darkroom requirements.

" I know people have a hard time getting straight answers about photographic equipment from dealers. Even when they are completely honest, they are frequently unknowledgeable and their interest in helping you restore your old Omega enlarger is bound to be lukewarm at best."

"I welcome inquiries about Omega enlargers and will even answer questions about other makes if I can. Feel free to call if you have an enlarger problem." -Harry Taylor

Harry welcomes the opportunity to hear from those of you with the similar interests by phone, fax, email or on his new Help Forum.

Copyright 1998-2011 Classic Enlargers
145 Jeanne Court
Stamford, CT 06903
Phone: 203-329-9228
Fax: 203-329-0107
Ed Shapiro - Master Photographer
Ottawa, Canada
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Default Re: Something new to learn

Hi Ed and thanks for the info - my D2 has the condenser head. Will look into all you have pointed out.

Many thanks!

Edouard Garner

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