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Promapper 05-05-2018 06:14 PM

display smoothing hides noise
I am working in PS CC and I have edited a couple of shots. I believe on one of the shots I over sharpened but it was not noticeable in photoshop but when I viewed it in "faststone image viewer" the one I over sharpened showed up with a great amount of noise.

I looked through the settings on Image viewer and found a check box called "smooth". If I checked that box the image looked great. no noise but with it unchecked lots of noise.

Net result I don't really know how my edits will look to a plain jane viewer with no smoothing routine.

I looked for something similar in PS but was not able to find it. I would like to turn off smoothing for the PS display

Help would be appreciated..Thanks

maxcoolzero 05-31-2018 07:21 AM

Re: display smoothing hides noise
Movavi has a special software for it actually. It is called Photo DeNoise Works amazing. If you need a bit more tools in a photo software you can use their photo editor.

shumioe 07-09-2018 05:51 AM

Re: display smoothing hides noise
I think while you are the Photoshop user, you could try to solve the issue via an advanced noise reduction plugin called Dfine 2, a part of Nik Collection by Google.

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