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Default Re: X-Pro2 or XT2

Originally Posted by diver46 View Post
I am considering either the X-Pro2 or the soon to be released XT2. My favorite lens are 24-70, 70-200 and a super wide lens. Not sure how Fuji lens match up, currently I am shooting with a FF Nikon D810.
And therein lies a considerable portion of the weight and size. It's always about trade-offs. Have you considered taking one of your D8XX bodies with a couple primes as a more manageable package for hiking/travel? I do think the Fuji and Sony offerings are viable but then you have to think about $$$$ for new lens capable of rendering their sensors. I would surely rent, Sony and/or Fuji and experiment prior to making a switch. That would cost a lot less than changing systems.
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Default Re: X-Pro2 or XT2

Fuji makes great lenses, including their zooms, I wouldn't shy away from their zooms.
I'd wait to see what the XT2 specs will be before pulling a trigger on another camera. The XT2 is likely to have specs like the xPro2 but in an SLR style camera. I suspect the xt2 will not have the OVF, but will have an articulating LCD screen.

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