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Bobby Deal 09-10-2013 04:20 AM

18+ Glamour Forum - How To Gain Access
There IS a board under "Photography by Genre" called Glamour

It is visible and open ONLY to those 18 years of age or older. There you will find numerous pro, semi-pro, and enthusiast photographers discussing the art of Glamour photography, and displaying their work. Images posted in Glamour may include tasteful art, playboy style, pin-up, burlesque, hollywood glamour, and other tasteful art nudes. You can be granted access to the board on a BY-REQUEST basis.

Along with access to the Glamour board, you will also receive free storage in the Glamour Gallery.

Please note that all nude photos uploaded to the Photo Camel Servers must be placed in the public glamour gallery or private galleries that are marked and designated as private so that nude images do not appear in general galleries elsewhere on the site. Keep in mind that nudity is restricted to Playboy or Art Nude style work such as you might see in a gallery. Adding porn or overtly sexual images of sexual contact with a partner or solo or genitalia close ups is NOT ALLOWED.

Note: This is a lively board, and you ARE expected to contribute either comments, discussions, or photography to the board (all, if possible). It's not just for lurkers! Repeat: Comment on the photos, even if it's only to say "good job," or else your membership to this group could be revoked.

To gain access:

1. Get yourself a free account on PhotoCamel, if you're not a member already. Click here to register right now. It's free.

2. Once registered, click "Quick Links" on the PhotoCamel toolbar 9top of the page), and then click "Group Memberships" from the drop-down menu.

3. Select the Adult user group, click "Join Group" (button on the right side), and when prompted for "Request Reason", you MUST supply your real name and age (date of birth).

4. Click "Send Request". Requests are typically handled promptly (within a day). You will automatically see the forum once you are approved. Check back often, and refresh page.

Thank you!

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