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Default Re: Who uses Bibble?

I used to use Bibble Pro 4.x. I was frustrated by highlight recovery, and it's tendency to "restore" highlights with pink splotches. Then I found that copy and pasting the WB setting didn't copy the WB setting, but the difference from one image to the next, and I got fed up. The only way to copy the WB setting itself was to manually make a note of the WB in your reference image, and manually type that number in each image. I've been chasing down why skin tones don't match after I supposedly correct the WB. Turns out I'm not correcting the WB, so I have no hope of matching skin tones from shot to shot.

Not only is that all screwed up, the developer somehow thinks this is a feature.

Bibble 5? Still vaporware. Announced 2 years ago. Publically demonstrated 6 months ago, and still not shipping.

I've become quite happy with ACR, and it's improved my productivity. The new camera profiles are superb.

I'm due a free upgrade to Bibble 5 when it comes out. I'm not going to bother. I feel I got burned. Just the WB issue - I got burned. All I want is a RAW converter. That's why I'm not interested in LR2 or Bibble 5. Bibble 5 is promising to be one huge sack of bloatware. No thanks.

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