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nu2scene 09-07-2018 03:37 PM

RAID Questions
I'm currently doing some reading on RAIDs. I think I have a very general overall idea of the concepts, but as I'm reading I'm coming up with some questions. I'm hoping there are some people that can help.

I'm thinking of getting a g-tech g-raid drive to store my images on instead of an internal drive. I also want to edit the images off the raid drive. I'm thinking of running it in raid0, so it's faster. I know it's not redundant in raid0, but I figure it's the same as if I was running the images off a regular external drive. If the raid0 fails I lose everything, but if a regular external drive fails, I also lose everything, so it's the same situation. Unless I'm misssing something?

I will back up the raid0 in case it fails, just like I currently have my images on a regular external drive and have a backup of that drive.

My questions are:
1. Is my thinking flawed? Or am I on the right track?
2. I know a raid0 transfers info faster than a regular drive, but will I see a real world difference in PS and LR vs just using one 7200rpm drive to edit off of?
3. For the back up of the raid0, I'm wondering if backing up to a regular drive is safer, as far as corruption or some sort of failure vs running a raid1 for the back up. I was thinking running a raid1 would then give me 2 back ups instead of just one.
3. Would a raid1 backup of the raid0 be less safe than having 2 separate external drives, or is it a wash?
4. With a raid1 setup, if one of the drives fails, does the entire drive stop working until you put in another working drive, or does the one working drive continue going?
5. Is there anything else I should be considering?

KinDav 09-09-2018 11:30 AM

Re: RAID Questions
I believe your thinking is correct. I've read that the sweet spot for a RAID 0 is six drives, along with that comes 6 points of complete failure for the array. I use RAID 1 for storage and a SSD for system and editing.

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