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Default Re: Not sure what to buy next...

I'm a fan of the Canon camera line.When going on holidays my 40D /17.55 lens was to bulky so I went with the Canon G12.This choice suited me as all the accessories for my 40D could be used on the G12.The images were very good on the G12 but not as good as my DSLR.Canon then came out with the G15 and the G1X.The G1X has the sensors nearly matching the DSLR'S.The only draw back to the G1X was the price which Canon quickly adjusted.After reading review after review,I ended up sticking with my G12.In the future maybe the mirrorless camera is the way to go.
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Default Re: Not sure what to buy next...

I just wanted to let you know that I finally found a camera that suited my needs. As mentioned I didn't want an extremely small camera, but nevertheless the intention was that it's significantly smaller and lighter than the EOS 40D. My wife and I chose the Panasonic Lumix G5. It has a significantly larger sensor than the G15/P7700/... , it has interchangeable lens and it has plenty of controls directly accessible (which is good for me as I was used to it by my Canon). For the money that I spent I didn't find anything better... We're very happy with it as it also has a good video section, which was also important to me.
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Default Re: Not sure what to buy next...

Originally Posted by Plasma View Post
Hi Everybody,

I hope you can give me some reccommendations with regards to a new compact camera I want to buy. I have the following criteria:
- I already own an SLR but I have 2 small kids and I noticed that the SLR is not the right thing to carry with me during vacation (on top changing the lens simply lasts too long). So a high focal range (e.g. from 28 - 300 mm would be great) and the changing lens seems to be the issue.
- My wife already uses an Ixus 80 IS, but she says that now that she nows how pictures can look like (thanks to the SLR)she starts to be no longer happy with the picture quality of it. The SLR is too heavy for her - she doesn't use it. So low-light, noise and the weight seem to be the issues here.
- On top we do own a videocam, but it's an old PAL one and my SLR can't do video (it's an EOS 40D), so I'd highly appreciate if the video capabilities are good.

Now I know that there is no camera fulfilling everything perfectly, but I had a look already at a Nikon P7700 and at a Panasonic FZ-200. I didn't have the chance to have a proper look at the pictures, nor at the videos, but especially with regards to the video-section they were both extremely slow (zooming + focussing at the same time is almost not feasible and therefore useless). With regards to the usability the missing viewfinder and the electronic one are a real issue to me + I got mad at the Nikons menus, but I think it's a matter of getting used to it. The Panasonic has a nice focal length, but I'm not sure at its low-light capabilities + it was even slower than the Nikon.
Now we start thinking of taking a look at these new mirrorless system cams, maybe with one of those extreme lens attached to it (18-270), but they again look large, heavy and the missing optical viewfinder + higher costs are all not ideal prerequisites.

Now that you know what I'm searching for, do you have any further suggestions for me?

Thanks in advance,
I'd have to start off by asking you what your price range is and then whether or not you'd consider 35mm film? Then I'd probably ask why you need to be hauling around such a long lens. 300mm is a LOT of lens, especially to hand-hold or use on a monopod. For genuine sharpness, it's utility is really somewhat limited to working in bright light and at shutter speeds not less than around 1/250th. As Robert Capa said: "If your photos aren't good enough, you're not getting close enough." There's a lot of wisdom in that.

Next, I'd ask whether you are going on family outings, vacations and such or whether you're traveling in the family press/media pool with all the equipment. My personal preference is travel light and keep it simple. Using those fundamental requirements, I usually shoot with a Leica M-6 or M-4 and carry a 21mm, a 35mm and 90, a light meter and several rolls of film in a small fanny pack. Yes, they're rangefinder cameras, but you'd probably find the focus extremely fast and the results at nearly any shutter speed and f-stop tack sharp.

Get the film processed to negatives and scanned to disk and IMHO, U be stylin'.
Just a few thoughts since I don't believe digital is always the solution. Gotta match the gear to the gig.
Take it light ;>)

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