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Default Re: Commercial Photography/Advertising Photography/Product Illustration...

Originally Posted by Ed Shapiro View Post
I know I can un-stick it but I still don't understand where it came form. Is it from one of the new admins? Doesn't one need to me a moderator to stick it in the first place? The OP never responded to my remarks. I don't want to show any disrespect by just letting it go- just yet!

I will contact the OP and then see what his expectations are.

Thanks for reminding me- I appreciate it!


Ed yes you have to be a Mod at the minimum to stick a post. The OP did not respond because the thread is from 2006 and the last time the OP even visited the Camel was 5/31/2009 I am reasonably sure it was not an admin who stuck this thread and that however it got pulled up and stuck it was some sort of glitch. I would say you would be safe to unstick it. If there is some unknown reason for it being stuck then the admins or you can restick it.

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