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richardpcrowe 08-31-2007 07:55 PM

400mm f/5.6L Support
I posted this on the Photo Accessories Forum but, this might be a more appropriate forum for this post.

I have purchased (but have not yet received) a 400mm f/5.6L lens which I expect to use for wildlife photography as well as other general telephoto venues such a boat races and air shows.

I will be using this ,ens mostly on either a tripod or on a monopod.

I am wondering if a Gimbal Head such as the Manfrotto 3421 would be worth the approximate $200 that it would cost.

I have a Manfrotto Midi Ball Head (488) which I use either on my tripod - Manfrotto 3001P - or manfrotto monopod.

The Ball head is a 488. For some reason I keep getting a happy head instead of the second 8 despite trying to edit the happy head out.

I am leaving next month for the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, so I won't have much time to test out the lens using the 488 ball head - so I'd like to rely on the experience of Forum members as to whether the purchase of the Gimbal head would be a good idea!

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