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jhawk1000 05-29-2018 07:28 PM

New Demon KB-44 Ball head
My wife and I are headed to Ireland in a couple of months. We have Gitzo tripods but will be taking the smallest Gitzo we have due to weight. It is an old aluminum but is lightweight. Over the years, I have gone through tripod heads as if they were water through a sieve. Manfrotto Ball head, Manfrotto pistol grip, Manfrotto Pan and Tilt head. None felt right and I hated the Manfrotto plates. I then got a Foba Superball which my wife still uses and loves on the camera stand in her studio. I then went to F&L Ballhead which I still use occasionally, then to a Arca B1 then to a Acratech. I still use all but the Manfrottos and they are long gone. In the interest of weight but stability for the travel, I bought a Demon KB-44 kit on Amazon for $74.95 with free shipping. It came today and really holds my Nikon D2x< D700, D750, D800 really steady. It has a 44mm ball and locks down very tight with my 300mm 2.8, my 300mm f4 and the lesser zooms of 70-200 and 80-200. It is much smaller and lighter than the others so it will go to Ireland with us. We are flying to Dublin with a stop on the beach at Wexford, then Kenmare and the Ring of Kerry, Dingle and a ferry to Doolin for a couple of days, then to the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren and then to Cashel with a little rest then a night in Dublin to relax in a castle nearby. We will be driving but still want stability without extra weight in the tripod because we will have to carry in some locations.

mike C 05-30-2018 11:47 AM

Re: New Demon KB-44 Ball head
Sounds like a fabulous trip. Have a wonderful time. And don't forget to kiss the blarney stone. :-)

jhawk1000 05-30-2018 02:29 PM

Re: New Demon KB-44 Ball head
Thanks Mike, already been there in the past and done that. Felt like I was kissing the entire world population. :)

Mr. Pickles 05-30-2018 06:55 PM

Re: New Demon KB-44 Ball head
Looks like a good ball head kit. 66lb load is good. Let us know how it works. I threw it in my list. Might be good on my MeFoto. What gear and lenses are you taking? Don't let the winds by the Cliffs of Moher topple you over....

jhawk1000 05-30-2018 09:42 PM

Re: New Demon KB-44 Ball head
We used it tonight to shoot the Grand Opera performance on the lake. It handled the 70-200mm, 300mm 2.8 with ease. Just a hint, the clamp is allen head screwed to the ball and it was a little loose when doing verticals but a tightening up of the screw stopped the movement--this was only in vertical. Very pleased with the purchase after one night of shooting.

jhawk1000 05-30-2018 09:45 PM

Re: New Demon KB-44 Ball head
We will be taking a 24-85mm 2.8/4 Nikon lens, a 70-200mm 2,8, a 300mm f4, 12-24mm sigma and probably a 180 3.5 Sigma Macro. Wife and I will have to take turns on the tripod. By the way, you mentioned a Mefoto pod. I have a monopod by MeFoto which is sturdy and I use it to shoot football games.

Mr. Pickles 05-31-2018 09:52 PM

Re: New Demon KB-44 Ball head
Good luck with the new ball head and of course the trip itself too. Should be a splendid time and hope the weather behaves.

My MeFoto tripod can break down to a monopod, but I never tried it....

Hanginon 06-01-2018 08:04 AM

Re: New Demon KB-44 Ball head
KB-44 = DB-44, yes?

jhawk1000 06-22-2018 08:43 AM

Re: New Demon KB-44 Ball head
Yes, the DB-44. Nice head.

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