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Default Re: Manfrotto Befree Goes Carbon

I have not as yet seen the MeFoto units in person. I can tell you that SAND is the archenemy of just about any kind of photographic equipment. Salt water or even salt-air is just as bad. If sand or salt enter any kind of locking mechanism on the tripod legs such as sleeve locks and/or threads and can not be easily flushed out and/or re-lubricated promptly; permanent damage is likely to occur. Some tripod legs that are locked in place by devices that do not incorporate threads may be less problematic or vulnerable to damage in beach conditions. Some tripods have set screws and pressure plates or some kind of clamp-like arraignment to secure leg extensions which are more open and exposed and therefore easier to clean.

Sand and salt water can also affect elevator mechanisms, pan heads, tilt controls and ball heads as well as the joints where the legs are attached to the body of the tripod. Sometimes tripods with nylon gears in their elevator mechanisms will stand up better than certain metals in bad working conditions.

The best advice I can give you is simply get an eyeball and a hands on- on each of the units that you are deciding on. Sand and salt can get into just about anything that is not hermitically sealed so I think the issue here is clean-ability. I don’t do too much work on beaches theses days but back in the day, I used to make little covers out of sandwich bags and cover the joints of tripods and light stands.

I wonder! If there is any tripods, presently in manufacture, that are specifically designed for beach or even underwater usage where there is a “floor” to work from- something that is rubberized or all plastic or polymer

I hope this helps.

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Default Re: Manfrotto Befree Goes Carbon

Thank you for your information Ed,, I agree ,, salt and sand is brutal on all equipment,, I'm currently looking at the Induro line of tripods as I've heard wonderful things about them,, many good things have been reported from this site here,, I'm reluctant to spend alot of money on a tripod though and take it to the beach as I know what can happen,, I've had a Bogen Manfrotto for many years and the salt/sand has taken its toll,, its time for a new tripod but again I'm reluctant to spend alot of money on one,, I see a few Induro's with head around the $325 range and thats about my limit that I'm willing to spend considering what my plans are, I know a good tripod can be a LONG time investment but as you've stated sand and salt are the archenemy
of course this link is always an option


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