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Default Re: Macro Filter, Extension or Below ???

Originally Posted by SilverBack82 View Post
Thanks to everybody for the response. Just a quick question on the macro filters. If I correctly understand all the information posted, when adding a macro filter I will be able to get closer to my object and it doesn't "magnify" my object at the same working distance?

Thanks again.

Best regards

By macro filter I assume you mean a close up lens/filter. This is simply a high quality magnifying lens. If you add a close up lens to the front of your camera lens everything is magnified. If you add the close up lens and shoot from the same distance then you will get an enlarged image, i.e. a smaller amount of the subject will cover the full image captured by your camera.

You also won't be able to focus with the camera as far from the subject but you will be able to focus with the camera closer to the subject.

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Default Re: Macro Filter, Extension or Below ???

i know a few who combine macro lens + extension tubes and raynox macro conversion lens just to see super macro view of insects, etc..

i dont have a 1:1 macro lens the closest i have is a 1:4 sigma, i do have teleconverter and extension tubes, reverse lens adapter and the raynox and it does the job ok problem is i dont have time to do macro shots these days.

others would do a reverse lens or lens+reverse lens combo.. these however need adapters to be mounted on either camera body (direct reverse lens) or via the lens filter mount.
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Default Re: Macro Filter, Extension or Below ???

I use all the different macro equipment from simple closeup lenses via extension tubes and a bellows right to a dedicated loupe lens and several macro lenses.
In my experience a closeup lens is a very versatile option, as you can carry it with you all the time, because it's small and lightweight. BUT it needs to be a high quality lens, a two elemts achromatic lens at least. These can be had cheaply on ebay and the brand (Canon, Minolta, Nikon, Leica etc.) doesn't really matter. And if you magnify not too highly, a good achromatic lens won't degrade your image quality visibly.
Extension tubes are nice, if you need more magnification, but will work best with a real macro lens (like your Micro NIkkor) or a standard lens in reversed position. A chep, but good option is an older enlarger lens (Fujinon, Rodenstock, Schneider-Kreuznach, Nikon etc. there are many quality choices). The bellows gives you even more magnification, but you have very close working distances and have to be very careful about lighting your subject, then. A bellows needs a good tripod and the use of flash, because to achieve anything like DOF, you will need to step your lens down to at least f/16. I usually use a combination of ring flash and a separate flash gun off camera.
You probably know, that in macro photography you don't focus with your camera lens or AF, but simply by changing the distance between your camera and the object of your desire. All non-IF lenses would change magnification, when using its focusing tube, whether driven by hand or by the AF motor.


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