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Default Re: Rapid camera straps

Moonrakers, those two pieces of "string" are quite tough. I could hang from them myself if I needed to. . . .
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Default Re: Rapid camera straps

Originally Posted by moonrakerz View Post
I have used a "real" Black Rapid strap for some time now, I really can't fault it. I have a Manfrotto quick release plate permanently attached to the camera (a Nikon) with the Black Rapid carabiner attached to that.
I find that having the camera hanging upside down is just perfect, both for carrying the the camera and having it "to hand", if a quick response is needed.

I must say that I think the previous post of the Canon doesn't look all that "elegant", nor that secure ! I think I would be more confident in one piece of webbing than two pieces of "string"

I am happy to accept my son's verdict - who is a professional abseiler, that my arrangement is about as safe/secure as you can get (Apart from his work. where two securing lines, to two separate anchorage points are required - but his life does depend on that !!!)

Is it really worth saving 40, when you have an x,000 camera hanging on it ? I could make a cheap "Black Rapid" from 2 worth of nylon tie-wraps, but is it worth it ??
I too have a black rapid and it is no higher quality than the cheap version, jsut a variation that is lighter and much less bulky I too have it attached to the strap ring and not the tripod mount, but I use a metal ring to attack the clip to not the factor camera strap end. Like I said my Black Rapid is now in the closet since getting the new one.

I also hated the way the tripod mount hole make the camera hang funny and tended to flop around a lot more than the camera strap ring location. now the camera hangs exactly how your hand wants to grab it
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Default Re: Rapid camera straps

I have been using the OP/Tech sling strap for some time now, and had been using the right side strap lug to attach it to the camera. However, after seeing Mike's (micdw) solution of attaching his strap to the lug on his L-Bracket, I have now modified my attachment to do that same thing. In addition however, I have a backup attachment that goes to the left side strap lug... just in case.

Both of these straps slide smoothly on the sling, and I see no delay or binding of the slides even though both are moving at the same time.

It looks a bit cludgy, but in practice, it works VERY well, and I like having the back up strap just in case. In normal operation, the weight is supported by the primary strap to the L-bracket, and the backup attachment hangs limp. If for some reason the L-bracket comes loose, or the primary strap comes undone for some reason, the backup strap will take over.

I also bought the Velcro straps to wrap around all of the click buckles to keep them from coming undone, I just need to get those in place, and I should be good to go. (Am I paranoid, or what? )

Here is a link to the sling strap itself:

OP/TECH USA Utility Strap - Sling

Here is an image of the backup attachment to the left side strap mount, and you can see the primary attachment disappearing under the camera to attach to the L-Bracket.

And here is an image of the attachment to the L-Bracket:

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Default Re: Rapid camera straps

I've used a carry speed strap for a while and decided to buy a black rapid cargo strap recently, hoping for a convinient solution to carry an extra battery in the pocket on the strap (which kinda had bulk issues, BTW).

It's kinda hard to find a piece of nylon webbing that won't be strong enough to hold up a camera, some will wear faster than others, but even the cheapest should last years. The quality issues will be with the hardware, if there area any buckles on the strap, how securely and reliably they snap to fasten, and that "caribeaner".

The caribeaner (if that's the right work for it) has a closed loop around the strap with a hook that attaches to the camera, and these two pieces are held together with a small piece of metal (smaller than main body of either piece) that's enlarged on the end to keep it from coming out of the hole it's in. This is where it swivels.

Looking at both the carry speed (brand name, with attached logo) strap and the black rapid strap, this piece is a fairly big chunk of metal that appears pretty well cast. I still check them closely every time I remember to see indications of wear, but have not noticed any. I can imagine that on cheaper straps, it won't be as high quality, and this is where I would expect them to fail.

I use two of those optech utility straps, one on the strap lug on the camera body and a second on the strap connector on my vertical grip (both on the left side of the camera) to connect the strap. They seem pretty strong, I've got two of them (one oughta be strong enough) and they don't bother me with the strap unattached. This let's me use the vertical grip in portrait mode and attached a tripod with no issues.

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