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Default Re: Ordering Camera Stuff from EBay

I have been buying computer, camera and other electronics from eBay, never had problem except once when I did not insured the item and received a broken GPS, other than that almost 90% of my camera gear I purchased from eBay. You need to pay attention on the rating, I do not deal with any seller whose rating is less than 99%
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Default Re: Ordering Camera Stuff from EBay

Well, I have had mostly bad experiences on eBay over the past year. But to put that in perspective, I am one of those guys looking for a bargain. However, sellers who describe a camera that had obviously been soaked in sea water and put up wet as being in excellent condition do not help. Even if the seller is honest, sometimes there can be hidden defects that he is not knowledgable enough to notice.

I have done better with stuff from overseas sellers. I got a nice 100% functional Iskra from Ukraine, not the prettiest camera but even the film counter works perfectly. However, overseas shipments sometimes can be very slow, especially around Xmas.

Since eBay is often the only source I can find for what I want to buy this all is upsetting. On the other hand, I have never had a problem with a buyer in the 14 years I have been selling stuff on eBay. In my opinion the sellers claiming the buyers are ripping them off are the kind of sellers I was talking about in the first paragraph.
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Default Re: Ordering Camera Stuff from EBay

Tomrit: I can tell you that I will continue to look at EBay to find relative pricing comparisons, but I think I'm all done with ordering anything there. Hasn't been THAT pleasant of an experience.

"When it comes to film photography, 'bracketing is a rich man's pleasure; not a poor man's choice."
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Default Re: Ordering Camera Stuff from EBay

The things I like about ebay: You can find things cheap if you shop around sometimes cheaper than anywhere else. Sometimes you can find things you can't find anywhere else. It's fun to shop around and see what other options pop up that you may not of even be thinking about. If you use PayPal (which has pluses and minuses of it's own) you purchase is guaranteed, it may take you a bit to get your money usually right about 30 days but there pretty good about reimbursing you if the seller doesn't send you your item or they don't fix the issue. They give you a rating on the seller so you know how many times they've messed things up, I try to use one who sells a lot and gets as close to 100% feedback I will not buy from a under 10 transaction seller.

What I don't like about ebay: There is some serious price gouging on a lot of items. Asia seems to flood the market with a LOT of JUNK, but it all depends on what your looking for sometimes you can score a better than average deal. Shipping can sometimes be more than outrageous, I shop for items considering the cost of shipping with the price. You can be black mailed for feedback and this really irritates me more than anything else on ebay, If you pay for your stuff promptly the seller should give you the best positive feedback as soon as they receive your payment especially if you pay as soon as the item ends or buy it now. Some sellers will not give you your good feedback score until you give them a positive feedback for them those are the people I do not ever leave feed back for. If you pay for your item it should be automatic good feedback for the buyer you should not be able to blackmail your buyer for good feed back. sorry to rant but this REALLY TICKS ME OFF!!!

But all things considered I really like ebay love shopping for those good deal scores! I've had claims and they were resolved within 30 days I've had 2 in the lifetime of using ebay over 300 purchases that's not bad. I've had great luck with buying overseas but it is important to be aware of how much you are paying for shipping and that if you get the wrong item you will probably not want to ship it back so you could be taking a real gamble, admittedly the purchases I made overseas where very inexpensive.

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