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Steven G Webb 06-09-2018 09:10 PM

Asking for Suggestions
I've identified an independently owned jewelry store (three stores in a 40 mile radius in rural small towns) that could really use some help with their product photography. They have a presence on Facebook and a website. They have stock images I suppose provided by their supplier for their standard stuff. They also create custom pieces. I'd like to help them up their game on the custom pieces and the items they display for all the retail created holidays.

Without getting into specific prices, what are standard offerings? Is it at all customary to photograph up to a certain number of pieces for a given price, then additional pieces pro rated? Is it at all customary to contract for a certain number of visits per year to keep images freshened up?

I've seen a potential to fill the quality need but I don't know the language or what expectations might be for such a client. Can someone suggest what's worked for you or what is industry standard for this kind of work?

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