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kennethwfd 07-29-2017 03:43 AM

monkey see, monkey sue
Came across this online. A wildlife photographer , failing to get closeups of monkeys persuaded the monkey to take the shot itself. Now a legal wrangle in that the monkey owns the copyright to the photo, while he is facing legal action for using it

Photographer in bizarre selfie court battle reveals that being sued by a monkey has left him broke

Mr. Pickles 07-29-2017 10:34 AM

Re: monkey see, monkey sue
Yeah, that whole thing has been going on for awhile and just seems silly to me.

kennethwfd 07-30-2017 02:27 AM

Re: monkey see, monkey sue
Not silly to the photographer who has faced a huge legal bill. So if I use a motion sensor to take a photograph, does the sensor own that picture?

Golem 08-04-2017 09:48 AM

Re: monkey see, monkey sue

Working as 2nd photog or assistant, I often did the
boss's jobs. But they were HIS jobs, so I cannot see
where I should claim anything other than my wages.

Even when the boss did most of the hands-on aspect
of a job, it was usually left to me to load film and to
"push the button" ... which makes sense cuz after I
am done pushing buttons I'm expected to process
the film ASAP. Bullshit about who actually pushes the
button is exactly that, bullshit ... nothing more.

The whole question of who pushed the button is so
toadally stoooooopid it's incredible it ever wound up
in court. Everybody knows the output of the job is
credited to whoever took on the job, not to whoever
else participated in the chain of events. The boss can
delegate whatever function is appropriate. Thaz what
bosses do, and what they are "graded on". It is HIS
risk to delegate, to a service bureau, to a monkey, to
an assistant, and he answers for the result, for better
or for worse.

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