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rhyno 03-02-2015 12:19 PM

Selling for commercial use?
So a couple weeks ago I went to the local Botanical Gardens and went back last week and showed off a couple of the prints. The lady behind the desk said she was going to talk to her boss and see if her boss wanted to use some of them. So today I got a message from a girl I know that works there saying her boss wants to see some of them so I sent a couple of low res photos. My question is what should i charge for something like that? If they wanted it for social media, i cant see that as nothing but promotional for myself and wouldn't charge providing they mention me and link back to my profile. But there was talk of possibly using them as promotional material, pamphlets, postcards ect..

If they wanted a print, I can price that but I need some general guidelines for commercial sales. I am part time at my job right now and using the other time to focus on portrait photography and making it a career. So I would like to learn pricing in general for future sales of commercial pictures.

Mr. Pickles 03-03-2015 09:45 PM

Re: Selling for commercial use?
The guidelines are all over the place and depend on what you think you are worth, how much you put in to it, and how serious you are. Of course, talent plays a role too.

If you do it as a "hobby" of sorts, then you have some other income and that can help to get your name out there and going. So your rate might drop because of it. Then you put some hourly number to the amount of time you put in to get the shot, and the time it took to process. If you print the image, there is time and expense there. There is also some overhead for equipment that you might want to vet out quick, or over a longer period of time.

if you get in to a deal where they want an image to use for their financial gain (more or less), then it can be treated the same, or a bit different. No print cost for sure, but since your work will be presented to a massive audience your rate may go up because of that. But if you could get sales form that promotion, then the promotion image price could go way down (maybe to nothing) to get your foot in their door.

No one could really know your situation and all the costs and stuff you have or need. The OKC Botanical probably isn't a huge money maker, but they probably do okay and reach a lot of people. if it were me, I'd probably reach out to them with a decent deal to use your image, provided you get noticed (name, website, etc) as the "artist" and make sure they don't want to keep rights on you selling the image(s) they might use. In exchange for them using, you could see if they have a gift shop and will let you mat some varying sized prints and place them there to sell in exchange for the free promotional images, so any sales is 100% profit for you. Might even check some print places on line and see how much 4 to 6 of your images would cost to print as postcards, and sell those there.

If you print some, take the print and mat cost and multiply by 4 to 10 times and that is the price. For postcards, probably $1 or $2 each, but I don't know the cost to print. For bigger prints, the ratio might change to more like 4-6 times cost, and the smaller ones are more like 6-10 times...?

Just some ideas and thoughts. Not the dead on answer you want, but might help you think it out....?

rhyno 03-03-2015 10:03 PM

Re: Selling for commercial use?
Every bit helps and I found some useful suggestions in your comment. I still haven't talked to the boss lady yet and am trying to get as much info about licensing/advertising/self promotion as I can before I do. I would rather hear her needs and try to cater to those as much as possible while still benefiting myself as I am trying to create an income with my photography and the more options I know about the better and more confident I feel going in. Thanks Mr. Pickles you have been very helpful over the last week or so with all the comments. Keep em comin!

Gschlact 10-27-2015 03:59 PM

Re: Selling for commercial use?
I think many museums make a good amount of their profits thru the gift shop. Single region Web use for promotion on their site would be a base user rate (bur). Resale could be nice and you can give them a choice of mounted prints, mounted greeting note cards (popular in many places), or postcards. Let then choose a minimum quantity, and provide them a bulk discount off retail price as their wholesale price.

Since you were asking, I suggest you also read up on BUR.
As you become more professional, all costs need to be included in the BUR production cost. If you don't, you'll never survive and financially support all your business's costs and put food on the table. BUR entails fairly simple math, but comprehensive detail is required.

jojotran 01-08-2016 03:17 PM

Re: Selling for commercial use?
Dear rhyno
I do this formula.... price yourself such as how much you paid your work.... 10 dollars for 1 hours.... and time 3.... . If you spend just 30 min to finish your work... you sell your photo around 10 or 15 dollars...

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