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My photo story( who is dirk part one)

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Posted 02-10-2011 at 11:32 AM by Dirk

Hi , most people here know me or think they now me , HA!

photography has been my hobby since i was twelve years of age (am now 46) . but it was put on ice till 2007, when i first bought my first DSLR a Nikon D70.

I really liked the camera and i have shot enough pictures with it that were good but also some where there was a unwanted sharpness of the picture in question

i found out that i needed a Vibration Reduction system in my lens. ( nikon does not yet have dslrs wit a integrated VR in the body)

After i sold my D70 came a D80 because i noticed that after cropping i kept a to low quality image on the D70. It simply had to go

I still have my D80 and love it , i recently bought a nikon D60 dlsr and these two are the most used

I also have a A100 from Sony and a Pentax K10D these cameras have their own unique twist that makes me eager to learn them

What i really like off the Sony is the Control wheel where you can alter most important aspects of photography like ISO, WB, Drive mode, Dynamic Range, metering , colour space and so on ..

i like it is light , do not so light as my D60 but close to the D80

From pentax i lke the weight (heavyness of the empty body 785g ) and that there are NO fun modes like portrait, night landscape, landscape etc

instead of that it has SV mode where you choose the sensativity you want to shoot on and the camera chooses shutterspeed and aperture to come to a properly exposed shot.

in this second blog i want to elborate something

to some i seem to be someone that doesn't know what i am doing (partially right) .. Counter qeustion: who knows 100% of the day what he / she is doing ?

to some i may seem crazy, they think that i sould sell all my stuff and become a pro .

it seems tempting , but here are some thoughts:

a pro is someone (his/her) who is able to shoot a GOOD image with every camera whatsoever

i may be able to get a good image out of P&S too
but i do net feel that i am really up to becomming a full time pro

why: because i want to have fun, devlop a own style , stick with that and be different , i am too affraid i have to leave all that when i were a pro

i am having fun to shoot with gear that others think is ready for the junckyard .. well that is their good right , but please do not bother to talk me over yet.

thid is how i think i should handle my hobby m, some may lile it some may not .. that is fair by me
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