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The importance of knowing..

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Posted 07-09-2009 at 04:34 AM by Dirk

I notice that a lot of the people here are thinking that a newer camera with more Megapixels will automatically increase the quality of the image and not sheer the size of it.

I understand that economies must grow and money most roll but i ask these questions here :

When buying new gear ask your self truely and honestly:

1) do or did i use 100% of everything my current gear offers ?

if the answer is : No , then do not buy new gear , learn to USE your gear to the maximum it has to offer

if the answer is : yes.. than we procede to level 2

2) Do you actually believe that more MP will automatically mean that your images will be of higher quality?

The most correct answer should be : No , if so Bravo , you understand that a good image can be made with 0.5 MP but alos with 51 MP! and that it IS you that decide the picture and the quality of it , lenses do help and yes i believe in better a good but simpel body and good glass (lenses) than a top pro body with the cheapest glass available on the market

i have perhaps used up to 30 - 45 % of the possibilites and therefore i think i should go on being a mc hammer that hip hops behind every major trend and only joins the trend if it stay for a long time !


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    choosing the right lenses (glass)

    Originally Posted by Ronald Wright View Comment
    hi Dirk i am new here i have a d50 also and emjoy shooting with it trying to learn the camera.the trouble i have is getting the right lens for the photo that is been do i choose the right lens thanks Ron
    Well this is a good question, there is no short answer since every lens has it plus and min

    The advantage of a good body like the D50 is that you are not limited by AF-S (glass with inbuild af motor in the lens) only but you can also use glass of tamron, sigma, tokina for nikon .

    The other advantage is that the D50 has a very good high iso performance , i always say that it looks way better on 1600 iso than most modern camera 's on 3200 iso.

    The next question could be what has iso speed to do with lenses , well a lot.

    If you for instance take a shot in the dark, the camera has to find something to focus on . when a lens has a f stop of F1.8 there is less need for iso 1600 than when you take a lens with the same focal length but with f stop of 4.5-5 , then you need a higher iso

    There is one thing to take care to , prevention of overlap.

    overlap is when two lenses cover a (large) part of the same range


    i have a nikon 18-70 and a 18-105
    the last one has vr , the first one has a better f stop at tele end , but to keep it simple lets pretend the lenses (glass) are the same.

    both 2 lenses cover the same reach starting at 18mm -70mm so that is overlap.

    is it worse ? Not always i love the 18-70 on my D50 it works great and body and lens are in balance.

    my 18-105 lense is the most used on the D80
    because of the VR and the longer reach.

    with both lenses i made imho good pictures or images .

    it all depends on what you want and how much euro or dollar you can spend

    remember , you can have a body of 800$ and a lense of 1800$ but if you do not know how to frame a picture or to see a photo oppertunity these are worthless and the road ahead will be steep .

    i do not have the illussion to consider my self a pro, but i have shot fine images simply because i knew the gear and make good use of it .

    Digital photography gave me a boost but i still need to learn e lot and hope to learn others something too
    Posted 11-14-2010 at 12:58 PM by Dirk Dirk is offline
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