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Default Re: Puffins

Real nice series. I really like the first two.
Well done.

Bill - nice edit, dont know if its just me but I see a halo around the puffin.
Robert Holguin
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Default Re: Puffins

Really great series, like others I'm always fascinated by Puffins. I like Bill's edit on the last one.
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Default Re: Puffins

I was about to write a compliment to Bill's edit when I decided to take a shot at it myself. Aside from diddling with layers, tones, and colors when I edit the time spent gives me a good chance to get to "know" the subject better. The puffins are strange and wonderful birds and I enjoyed working on this guy.

Bill - THANKS for giving me the motivation to try it.

About the edit. Basically I separated the image areas using mainly Photoshop's "Quick Selection" tool. Now that I have practice with it it doesn't take long to get most of the outline selection done. I started with the background. There are spots along the outline that need fine tuning because the color or tone is not different enough for the tool to sense it. I use a paint brush in the "Quick Mask" mode. In this mode a red (default color) shield so to speak covers the area not selected. A brush set to black adds to the shield or mask. White takes away to reveal what lies underneath. Switching between B&W and changing brush size, edge fuzziness, and opacity allows you to fix the spots "Quick Select" missed.

The background was replaced by a shot of fishermen on my lake made VERY out of focus using a blur filter. It's was also very magnified when I brought it in as a new layer under the bird and rock. This gave me the room to scoot it around with the move tool to find a spot on it I felt added interest and supported the main subject.

I used the work I'd done selecting the background to then select the bird needing only to complete it working around the feet to separate it from the rock. CS5's Shadows/Highlights adjustment was the main tool used to bring out detail in the bird tho I took quite a few other steps I didn't keep track of. All with the goal of enhancing the look of the bird.

The rock was treated in much the same way although color manipulation wasn't involved. If you look where the shaded rock area meets the bird's foot you see a white line. This is due to not getting the exact separation line for each part. This type of line also happened around the outline of the bird where it stuck out like a sore thumb. I tried a new technique to cut down on all the fine had work I usually use to fix the separation line. After a few trial & error tries I found the setting that proved very helpful. Basically I "stroked" the selection line with a blue color. This made the work of careful cloning (replacing one chunk of an image with another)
along the line much easier.

It's before/after images like this that inspire my practice to improve my edit techniques. My presentation of the result here along with some explanation of my methods I hope will motivate others to take a shot at image editing. I'd be nice for me to get pro or con opinions of my animated GIF posting and "gum flapping explanation efforts. If it's appreciated I'll keep it up, if not I'll back off so my words don't get in the way of more pictures.

Some of my hummer shots on Picasa. They look best played as slideshow on black background. ( 450 NEW added 9/3/13)
https://picasaweb.google.com/ViddyFl...eat=directlink ... Please come back to Camel after looking
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Default Re: Puffins

Great set, these are amazing looking birds.
Cheers Pete...
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Default Re: Puffins

Great series Rob and I really like the 2nd shot. As others have given their PP on the 3rd thought I would add mine
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Default Re: Puffins

Wow to the wow,

Firstly, thanks for all the nice comments but secondly great edist folks - makes things much much better



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