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Rense 02-07-2016 04:14 PM

Childrens toy
Childrens toy
by Rense Posthumus, on Flickr.

scoundrel1728 02-08-2016 01:29 PM

Re: Childrens toy
Is it part of an apparatus to play centrifugal bumblepuppy? :)

Rense 02-08-2016 02:12 PM

Re: Childrens toy
No. Your opponent chooses one if the three exits and then you throw a ball in the red thing, while running to another possible ball exit.(S)he who catches the ball gets a point and goes for another spin. If no one catches the ball, the game goes to your opponent. Or is this callled centrifugal bumplepuppy? ;-).

scoundrel1728 02-08-2016 05:17 PM

Re: Childrens toy
I don't know; I never played either game. Nevertheless, this toy reminds me of some of equipment the necessary to play centrifugal bumblepuppy as described in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

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