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Default Re: How has your photography improved?

Now that I officially have six months and two days on my 365, Iíd like to comment on this thread.
Has my photography improved? I honestly donít know. Iíd sure like to think it has, but I am somewhat biased with my opinion. I guess that answer will have to come from those that view my work.
I do know that I take more time composing the shot than I used to. I try and emulate some of the other photographers on the Camel. If I see an image that appeals to me, I like it, and will somewhere down the line attempt to do my own take on it.
I try not to post photos for the sake of posting. I attempt to make sure that what I do post is the best I have on that day. I donít like to view images that are OOF, and figure that you all donít either. I think that quality, as opposed to quantity, applies here.
I shoot a lot of frames every day, (depending on what shows up at work,) and most of them end up in the trash bin for one reason or another. Iím very lucky if I get one or two of each subject I shoot that I feel is good enough to post.
I understand that Macro is not appealing to everyone. Insects and spiders make most folks squirm with discomfort, but I enjoy the challenge of that work. Itís not as easy as one might imagine shooting at a 1:1, or even higher, ratio.
The subjects, most of the time, wonít cooperate and stay still, so I had to learn the little tricks that work for me to get a few good shots every now and again. Every day is a new learning experience, and I look forward to each and every challenge.
I find myself looking at the world with a different mindset now. One of what would be an interesting shot, as opposed to just snapping the shutter and taking what I get. The 365 has taught me to dissect the scene, and apply the knowledge Iíve learned this past six months, to produce the best and most pleasing shot I can.

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