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Default PhotoCamel Rules and Guidelines

PhotoCamel Membership Agreement, Guidelines, and Rules

1. PhotoCamel is an international Forum centered on Photography, which includes photographs, photography gear, and photographic techniques. We try to be "A friendly photo community" and you are agreeing to keep it this way.

2. By registering and becoming a member of PhotoCamel, you agree to abide by the rules stated here, and by the decisions made by the owners, moderators, and supporters of PhotoCamel.

3. You agree, through your use of any PhotoCamel Forum or site, to NEVER post any material, or links to any material, which is knowingly false, defamatory, rude, disrespectful, abusive, hateful, harassing, threatening, obscene, profane, pornographic, vulgar, racially or ethnically offensive, invasive of a person's privacy, in violation of any law, etc. If it meets these criteria, or is deemed inappropriate by the PhotoCamel owners, moderators or sponsors, it will be removed.

4. You agree to not use or register a PhotoCamel "user name" or "handle" that contains any derogatory verbiage like that stated above.

5. You agree to not use any images that are similar in any derogatory nature like that stated above in your member avatar, signature, or other location.

6. You agree to not impersonate any person, or knowingly misrepresent your affiliation or connection to any person or organization.

7. You agree to not register multiple times, or maintain multiply identities at PhotoCamel for any purpose, without express written authorization from the PhotoCamel owners or moderators.

8. You agree to not post or upload any files, information, or links, to known legal or illegal software or media, or to any person or entity seeking to circumvent or bypass any copyright laws, and/or to any person or entity engaged in the distribution of illegal copyrighted or malicious material, media, or software.

9. You agree that any content or images posted is copyrighted by their respective owners. Posting images or other content that is NOT your property MUST be marked as such, and the actual copyright holder MUST be noted with said content.

10. You agree that what applies to images as far as copyrights go, also applies to any other visual or written content. If you can not obtain proper permission to post, a link to its location is required. This includes copyrighted, trademarked, or patented materials, trade secrets or any other material that may violate any applicable law, or deemed so by the PhotoCamel owners or moderators.

11. You agree to never post any spam related material, which includes pyramid schemes, chain letters, multi-level marketing schemes, solicitations, or other similar material deemed inappropriate by the PhotoCamel owners and/or moderators.

12. You agree to never post or upload any content or files that may contain viruses or any similar software that may be harmful to any other person’s computer system, or any PhotoCamel server.

13. You agree that by posting on PhotoCamel, you give the PhotoCamel owners permission to publish, maintain and store all your message content, including images, on any PhotoCamel site or server.

14. You agree that PhotoCamel, its owners, moderators, or supporters are NOT responsible for any content posted, and shall not be held accountable for any damages resulting from said content. This is an open forum, and some comments could be "negative". You are agreeing that if they do not personally attack the poster or the subject, or go against any rules or guidelines stated here or in the relevant board, then the comments are acceptable and should be considered constructive. Pulling or removing images, or deleting posts, because of valid "negative" comment(s) won't be tolerated.

15. You agree that PhotoCamel, its owners, and/or its moderators can and may make grammatical corrections to any post, and at their discretion, delete or move any post or topic.

16. You agree to never sell any fictitious product or service on any PhotoCamel forum, including the Marketplace. You are allowed to post and sell photography related items ONLY in the Marketplace forum itself. Posting what is deemed to be a sale in any other forum may result in the post being moved to the Marketplace, or removed completely at the owners or moderators discretion. Deliberate posting to your own Marketplace threads (also known as "bumping") will not be tolerated and may result in a removal of the entire post.

17. You agree that there are, may be, or will be, times when all the current rules will not cover a given incident, and you agree that the PhotoCamel owners, moderators and supporters have the right to lock, suspend or remove any content or membership with no time delay or warning.

18. You agree to abide by all these general guidelines and rules, and to any specific PhotoCamel board you post in. Each board may have additional restrictions, or a waiver of a general restriction, and shall be noted in that specific board.

19. This site offers free membership, free image posting, free hosting, and all manner of other free things. To help compensate, you can subscribe to get an Ad free forum experience, and we also use VigLink to monetize some product links, so if followed, the site gets a small percentage of any purchase to offset server costs.

Failure to meet any of these rules or guidelines may result in your PhotoCamel membership being suspended for a given period of time, or permanently. Depending on the severity, repeated offensive, or any combination of offenses, either warnings, or an immediate suspension (ban) may be issued and is at the sole discretion of the PhotoCamel owners, moderators, or supporters.

v.1.1 : 06.18.2014

Members don't see ads in threads. Register for your free account today and become a member of PhotoCamel to open up the site's many benefits and features.

Members don't see ads in threads. Register for your free account today and become a member of PhotoCamel to open up the site's many benefits and features.
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