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Posted 09-25-2008 at 09:13 AM by Ockie

Since uber might be stopping I'm going to blog here again, I'll try to keep this a bit more updated that I have done so far...
To start with I'll just copy my latest blog from uber:

Haven't updated the blog for too long, so here are a couple of the shots I've taken lately. Started to use Lightroom for the RAW processing in stead of Canon's Digital Photo Professional. Must say I quite like it so far, I tried using Apperture for a bit, but Lightroom looks much easier so far, besides doing some useful things such as noise reducion & sharpening by default when importing files.
Back to the photo's: starting with, from what I have processed so far, my favorite shot from the wedding I was assisting as 2nd / 3rd shooter / holding flash.

I've been reading quite some blogs via RSS lately, mostly street and wedding photographer's blogs, shots such as the two above have been inspired by photo's I've seen in said blogs. I would link them here now if I could remember what shot I saw were...
All this has been shot by the way on a Canon 5D with various lenses, no L stuff.
Having that said, what do you think about the colors & sharpness of the following shot!? I imported the RAW file to Lightroom and besides White balance, resizing and USM after the resize there have been no edits at all:

(Canon 85mm EF 1.
Sorry that I'm doing one street one wedding shot
Here's another street one, I was practicing hip-shots one afternoon when, while walking back to the bus I got this one, the only one with the people I wanted in the frame (or at least more than only their feet)

One more wedding shot:

And the last street one, very inspired by more than one of the blogs that I've read... one of the blogs that has similar (similar as in person in front of big photo in an ad.) is smk-blog / severin koller

Actually, I'm not sure if Severin had a photo of a person in front of a big ad or not, but I'll link it anyways, very worth reading if you haven't heard of it yet.
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    Really nice work.
    Posted 10-05-2008 at 04:13 PM by JDArt JDArt is offline
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