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Use more than one back up for your .raw's!

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Posted 06-17-2013 at 01:14 PM by Kitsi

In my early years of using a digital DSLR, I didn't know much at all about photography beyond "Point and Shoot", much less understanding the difference between JPEG and RAW. Even so, I was the one in my family that photographically recorded everything, and everyone. I kept all my pictures right there on my computer.

Well, my computer did what all computers eventually failed. All the pictures.....gone. I had to rebuild my digital photographic library. I remember thinking, thank goodness I had all those negatives from my film camera, at least those are pictures I will never lose!

That happened to me, twice, before I started putting my photographs on CD's.

Well, CD's are messy, difficult to organize, and cumbersome to go through to find that "specific" photograph I needed. Eventually, I started using jump drives. Again, same cumbersome issues.

It took going to college, for photography, to learn some great organizing techniques.

"Always back up your photographs, especially your RAW files" was drummed into my head.

I purchased an external hard drive. That was the recommended choice. I used it in several times a day. But, the photographs were safe because they were not stored on the temperamental and fragile computer, they were somewhere else, so I had nothing to worry about. Right?

Boy was I ever wrong! Still, that system worked well for about four years. My external hard drive...(the one with all the RAW files) that I began to use for my projects, and for safeguarding my memories, failed, two days ago.

That is a little over two years of work put into two different large projects I have been working on, and about six years of memories.

Two nights ago, after I gave up sometime around two in the morning, trying again and again, to get into that external hard drive, I finally laid my head down on my pillow, watching lost images that were important to me flash through my mind like a slide show, I broke down and cried myself to sleep.

What an enormous loss!

I have been re-assured by a few people, that the data is not lost forever, it is just inaccessible to me right now. So, we took the hard drive in to a tech, Sunday morning. He said, for about two hours work, at the cost of $300.00 for his labor, AND the price of a new external hard drive, he could retrieve the data. Despite the precious value of the information inside that failing hard drive, his quote is an unattainable possibility for us. More tears. All that work is there, but, everything is lost because he may as well have asked me for a million dollars.

Fortunately I have a couple of tech savvy friends at home who have offered to try to help me for the cost of a meal, some conversation, and, of course I have to buy a new external hard drive, which, I have already done. This means, I may not be starting from scratch, with my projects, and I may even be able to regain the lost memories I captured. I am relieved.

I've also learned an invaluable lesson. I opened a Skydrive account where I can back up my RAW files, AND have them on my new external hard drive as well. That way, when this one fails (and it will, it's a computer too...duh!!!!!) I can simply download from Skydrive into the replacement.

Thinking ahead.....I worry....though....what if Skydrive goes out of business? What then?
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    JDArt's Avatar
    I use more than one backup for everything!
    Posted 06-17-2013 at 01:22 PM by JDArt JDArt is offline
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    Originally Posted by JDArt View Comment
    I use more than one backup for everything!
    As of last night, I am double backed up, now, for everything....including program files on my computer.
    Posted 06-17-2013 at 01:34 PM by Kitsi Kitsi is offline
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